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79004 HD Camera Bike Light



  • Auto Recording
  • 100 Degree Wide angle lens
  • 2 Strobe With Variable Brightness
  • Constant Light With Variable Brightness
  • Up To 6 Hours Active Use
  • 4.5 Hours Charge Time
  • Micro USB Port
  • 32GB Maximum Card Size
  • 1080P Upscaled recording
  • IP54 Rating

Please note:
8GB recording with this unit will give approx 1hr 20min.

  • 8GB Micro SD Card (Class 10)
  • Charge Cable
  • 2 x Velcro Straps
  • Aeroseat Adaptor
  • Wedge


Installing Firmware Update:
Use Chrome or IE/Edge to download the file.
  • Open the zip file
  • Copy the attached file on to an empty micro SD card.
  • Insert the card in a Bike Light Camera.
  • Turn the Bike Light Camera on.
  • The LED lights will be active for 6 seconds, which means it is automatically upgrading the software. When the light turns off, the firmware upgrade is complete.
  • Take out the card and format it again before use.

This firmware update will correct the reported auto turning off issue as well as the intermittent beeping.

Creating A Config File (Windows only):
  • Create a text document on your Windows OS desktop and title it "CONFIG".
  • Copy and paste the listed below into the document:
  • Transfer the CONFIG file via mass storage option (USB connection) to the camera.
  • Modify the last line of text to the correct date and time and save.
  • Disconnect and turn the camera off.
  • Turn the camera on.

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